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Pool cleaning service includes, netting, complete wall brushing, vacuuming, tile cleaning, basket cleaning, pool filter cleaning, and checking the chemistry.
Pool Cleaning
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Pool cleaning services throughout Pasco County and Tampa Bay
Are you thinking "why do I have to worry about scrubbing or cleaning my pool" when you take a look at your pool? It’s a valid question, and we have an answer. Call Bosse's Pool Services today! When you shower you use cleaning agents like shampoo and soap. But does your tub stay clean forever? No! Shampoo and soap clean you, not tile and porcelain or fiberglass. Eventually you start to see buildup and soap scum in your bathroom. You might even see mold start to grow! If you don’t clean your tub regularly, you’ll be trying to bathe in a swamp. Would that be fun? Of course not! It’s the same for your pool. Chlorine, bromine, and other chemicals contribute to keeping your water clean and balanced, to a degree, they also help keep the walls, floor, and surrounding areas of your pool clean too. But chemicals won’t keep leaves and bugs out of your water, nor will they keep the walls and floor of your pool clean forever. In addition to using chlorine or other chemicals to keep your pool clean, regular, thorough cleaning is also necessary. Let us do the work for you!
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