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Scott Bosse started this venture in 2016 when he met Marcy (his fiancé) and Lily (her daughter). Scott was new to having a special needs child in his life, but he was inspired to become his own boss immediately in an effort to build something great for Lily's future. Scott has 10 years of pool service experience and a lifetime of customer service experience. The Bosses Pool Services was built for Scott's future stepdaughter Lily and plans to leave behind a legacy that provides for both Lily and the community long into the future.

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The Bosses Pool Services

Pool Cleaning
Our full pool cleaning service includes, netting, complete wall brushing, vacuuming, tile cleaning, basket cleaning, pool filter cleaning, and checking the chemistry.
Pool Chemicals
Our pool chemical service includes everything to keep you and your family swim safe and enjoying your blue clear pool without having to buy, transport or store dangerous pool chemicals.
Pool Repair
The Bosses Pool Services offers above ground and non-electrical pool repair and servicing for pool pumps to keep your pool pleasant!
Green Pool Cleaning
Nobody enjoys a green pool aside from frogs! Contact our team today to make that green pool go away.
Monthly Residential Service
Our standard swimming pool cleaning services are typically performed monthly.
One Time Cleanups
Need your pool cleaned one time? The Bosses Pool Services has you covered! We offer both residential and commercial one time cleanups.
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